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Gryphon Converts Residuals into Beneficial Solids…

With Drying technology that is less expensive to own and operate…

          …Converting Wastes, into resources.

By using unique and patented combinations of negative and positive air pressures, Gryphon has made it possible to use mass transfer and heat transfer to remove water from a suspension. The result is efficient and low-cost drying technology that makes it possible to use sludge wastes as biomass fuel without spending more power to process the material than the returned energy it can produce. Our technology consists of a continuous belt drive system that separates gaseous, liquid and solid components. This process filters, and dries large volumes of sludge to 50-90% solids in minutes.


Technology Benefits

  • reduced capital costs
  • reduced power consumption
  • hauling costs are reduced or eliminated
  • landfill costs are reduced or eliminated
  • dried solids can replace fossil fuels
  • dried solids may be beneficially reused
  • tax incentives may be realized for equipment that produces renewable products